What does PractiKid do for your children?

Scientific measurements through an animated, game-like experience

2 x 40 minutes of playtime and precise results on learning effectiveness

Innovative device

A sympathetic measuring tool for the digital indigenous generation.

Kid-friendly environment

Cartoon-like forest themed videogame where the children can choose their companion.

Objective measurement

Cognitive characteristics can be precisely measured during the game.

Accessible results

Results are shown in the form of descriptions as well as visually. There are also recommendations for improvement.

Why choose PractiKid?

Digital - Familiar environment for children

Compared to the paper-based tests, PractiKid has a device familiar to the digital native generation, while also having a likeable appearence. It is also eco-friendly. This self-developed multimedia device has a central touchscreen, a smart pen, specific sensors and switches.

Game-like - The test environment is an animated cartoon

PractiKid is a methodological game, never being compulsory or tedious. On top of the kid-friendly excersises, kids love it for it's animated story. This way the measurement feels fun and entertaining for the children, while they are helping the creatures of the forest alongside their choosen companion.

Flexible - Failure-free forest adventure

The sequence of the gamified excersises change flexibly during the measurement based on the child's abilities and speed. This helps avoid stumbling, breaking immersion and other feelings of failure that may occur. What is left is positive reinforcement and encouragement!

Objective - What matters is the "How" not the answer only

PractiKid's speciality is monitoring the way and speed an excersise was completed, which can be more telling than only taking into account whether an answer is correct or not. The detectors and sensors of the device collect data unnoticed during the excersises. This data is then compiled and automatically assessed by the system.

The measurement process

Kép a KID mérésről
  1. The PractiKid measurement is designed to be 2*40 minutes.
  2. It is recommended to arrive at the scene of the measurement 15 minutes early, so that the children can familiarize themselves with the environment. This is important to keep in mind for both our locations, in Miskolc and in Budapest.
  3. After the children are familiar with the location of the test and the device itself, they are left alone to complete the excersises. There is nothing to worry about, as the process is overlooked by a developer teacher during the completition of the program.
  4. As a parent, the measurement process can be watched through the webcam of the PractiKid device.
  5. Your child will get instructions on how to complete the tasks from their headphones. If a stumble or a halt was to occur, you can count on the teacher present to help with it.

Locations of measurement

PractiKid has two locations in Hungary. One in Budapest and another in Miskolc.


1037 Budapest, Jablonka street 103.

The results of the measurement

Kép az értékelőlapról
  1. With the progression of the PractiKid story, the device monitors the child's performance and study abilities without disturbing their progression through the excersises.
  2. The measured parameters are arranged into a database after the child completes the test. After this, the collected data is objectively evaluated by algorithms, then summarised in a form that can be interpreted statistically.
  3. As all this data is digital, the report sheets that are the product of this process reflect the results quickly, providing a clear overview for the parents and kindergarden teachers on the child's ability and learning skills.
  4. Of course the parents are not left alone with the task of making sense of all this information. The results can be consulted with the developer teacher at the scene right after the measurement.
  5. If there are missing or low-performing abilities present among the results, their statistic values and descriptions can further help in seeking out professional help from developer teachers.

Who do we recommend PractiKid for?

For parents

Do you want your kid/kids to experience the first year of school positively?
Test their learning skills with PractiKid!

For kidergarden teachers

Support children to have a successful start in school!
Ask for a PractiKid measurement for your kindergarden!
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