Is your child ready to start school?

Figure it out with PractiKid!

A playful and objective feedback for children on their study skills.
The first digital, playful skill measurement system for kindergardeners.

Let school and studying be a fun experience!

  • In order to have your child enjoy challenges in exersises and not see them as burdens.
  • In order to make homeworks easy and promote independent problem solving.
  • In order to let them still have play and adventure more.
  • In order to see them excited instead of anxious on Monday mornings.
  • In order to do better academically and be rewarded for it by teachers.

What are the risks of not measuring a child's abilities before school?

Most common problems caused by a deficency in learning abilities:

Problems with concentration

Persistent distractions and vague memories of what was said in class are becoming more common.

Experiences of failure

This can result in having a hard time undersanding the study material or having the time needed for solving an excersise drastically increase.

Falling behind, dropping out

With slower progress there is an increased chance for the child to fall behind compared to their peers.

Loss of motivation

Repeated experiences of failure can cause a child to feel demotivated and indifferent.

„A child does not start school like someone who is already in school or is school-ready. They start school as a kindergardener.”
– Tamás Vekerdy (translated from Hungarian)

That's why it is really important to support the formation and progression of abilities that are necessary for children in order to prevail in school.

Of course this can done in a very playful way!

Reasons to measure the learning skills of children:

  • ✔️ An overview of probable academic results.
  • ✔️ Recognising areas that can be improved.
  • ✔️ Discovering hidden talents and abilities.
Supporting children's ...
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Open-mindedness
Preventing children's ...
  • Feelings of failure
  • Struggling or dropping out
  • Loss of motivation

Who do we recommend PractiKid for?

For parents

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Test their learning skills with PractiKid!

For kidergarden teachers

Support children to have a successful start in school!
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