Let the start of school be a new experience for all kindergardeners!

Kid-friendly ability measurement for easy transition between kindergarden and school, as well as for prevention of academic hardships!

The PractiKid objective measurement shows:
  • 1what abilities are necessary for children for effective studying.
  • 2what abilities require further development in order to have strong foundations in place before school.
Having the necessary abilities can guarantee the child's independence, confidence and open-mindedness, while preventing feelings of failure at the start, avoiding fallbacks that are hard to make up for, as well as loss of motivation .
Do all this as a game for children! Without increased administrative burden!

Innovative measurement and results!

The PractiKid is not…
  • Not another exercise book or test booklet.
  • Not another administrative burden.
  • Not another criteria-driven status accessment.
  • Not another critical qualification.
The game-like measurement 100% digital. It allows multiple children to be measured at the same time.

Optimally 4-5 children should be merasured at the same time. There are exceptions to this if the necessary environmental and human resources are avaliable. The technology allows for at maximum of 10 measurements to take place at the same time.

How is PractiKid innovative?

Subtitute for paper-base tests: No extra printing and tedious need to store documents.
Kid-friendly design: For 5-7 years olds it is an appealing, friendly device with game-like excersises.
Objective results: Monitoring done by detectors and sensors.
Flexible excersises: Based on the abilities of the child.
Algorithmically calculated: Adaptable, objective results.

Favorite of children:

Easy to understand handling and user-interface, which turns ability measurement into a game!

I want to know more!

The measurement process

  • The PractiKid measurement is designed to be 2*40 minutes.
  • Qualified measurement leader is present.
  • The child will get instructions on how to complete the tasks from their headphones.
  • The measurement leader only helps if there is a problem and in organising.
  • It is possible to measure multiple children at the same time in the same room.
  • All measurement locations are kid-friendly, controlled environments.
  • The devices are easy to transport, providing opportunity for measurements at multiple locations on the same day.

Who do we recommend PractiKid for?

For parents

Do you want your kid/kids to experience the first year of school positively?
Test their learning skills with PractiKid!

For kidergarden teachers

Support children to have a successful start in school!
Ask for a PractiKid measurement for your kindergarden!
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