Things worth knowing about the PractiKid system:

Going to school is a new and defining experience for everyone. Children are learning how to cooperate with others while shaping their toughts on their own abilities and studies during their first years of school.
By objective measurement children can avoid:
  • stumbling and halts in the beginning;
  • fallbacks that are hard to make up for;
  • complete loss of motivation.
Let's support their independence, confidence and open-mindedness!

The key is to be forever curious and open!

Interest and curiosity towards studying is a fragile state in all children. If motivation is lost the child's attention span will suffer too, resulting in absent-minded periods, then stumbling, halts and potential failure. In order to protect this openness we need to provide a supportive environment and it is necessary to nurture these abilities:


Perception and interpretation of seen or heared things.


The processing of percived information as well as previous knowledge. Also includes the ability to memorize things.


Using the memorized information to solve problems.
The ablilites above are what will distinguish between those who can take school challenges easily and those who have difficulties and maybe even fall behind. The presence of these provide a solid foundation for the thransition between kindergarden and school, while their possible absense can have an impact on developing academic hardships.

What makes PractiKid a favorite among children?

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Animated, interactive test environment on a 100% self-developed device

  • A fusion of a digital measuring tool and interactive game.
  • Measures abilities through game-like excersises.
  • No qualifications or feelings of failure, just positive and encouraging feedback.
PractiKid is a gamified test, which makes the excersises and the animated story kid-friendly.
For the children the measurement is just a game while they are helping the creatures of the forest with small tasks alongside their choosen companion.

Self-developed multimedia device for objective measurement

The PractiKid system is an advancement compared to the paper-based measurement methods. For the digital native generation the device is familiar and has a likeable appearence. It is also eco-friendly. PractiKid can give objective results on your child's possible learning abilities.
What matters is not only the answer, but the way there too. That's why PractiKid is:
  • Specifically developed for the measurement of children of 5-7 years.
  • A device with switches and sensors.
  • A device has a touchscreen with a pen that can detect push intensity.

The whole world is a game!

Qualification and failure-free methodology

Behind the kid-friendly environment there are complex and reviewed methodologies. The tests were researched, developed and tested in-house, but they also incorporate reviewed test methodologies adapted to the device. This way the process is able to give precise results on academic possibilities.
The sequence on the exercises are never fixed, as the program's learning along the way and changing it in order to suit the abilities of the child. By completing more and more tasks, the system can determine the next task by the use of artificial intelligence.

No qualifications or feelings of failure, only positive reinforcement and encouragement!

Who do we recommend PractiKid for?

For parents

Do you want your kid/kids to experience the first year of school positively?
Test their learning skills with PractiKid!

For kidergarden teachers

Support children to have a successful start in school!
Ask for a PractiKid measurement for your kindergarden!
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